It has been brought to my attention that members using the opera mini browser are having difficulty posting and creating a thread. I have contacted the technical support team about this issue and will keep you updated. For any other issues please let me know via email at Thank you. 
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In the coming days, I will start making some changes to this site based on suggestions that have been directly emailed to me. Thank you for your Feedback. Please continue to email me at for any questions or concerns. 
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I want to thank Umuigbo who have been supporting this website since its founding. Your presence and contributions are highly appreciated. 
There have been some request from some well-meaning individuals to CHANGE THE NAME of this website. Some of the claim is that:
1) it makes it unwelcoming to non-Igbo guests.
2) It makes it look like Igbos are not united 

I want to clarify that this website was created out of necessity to give Umuigbo their uninterrupted space to discuss our development free from trolls and haters. 

I will be conducting a poll for members only to vote. If we should change the name of the website. 

For questions or concerns, please email me at
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