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The first ever automated shoe factory in Nigeria will be launched in Abia State soon.

Remember those 30 youths Abia Govt sent to China to learn automated shoe making?

The machines are now in Abia and we are set to start producing world class quality shoes in large quantities.

CREDIT: AbiaOnline
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This is very impressive I love this development.
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This is what we have been waiting for.  Brilliant.
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Nice development, Abịa State is a State with Brilliant manufacturing potentials, all that is needed is good governance.
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Sufficient energy, security, ease of doing business and road infrastructure are in great need in Aba industrial clusters. To be candid, given the meager finances of the state and considering the positive ripple effects of a well established Aba city on Abia state, I would focus restrictedly on a 4-year development plan to uplift the city by channeling most capital resources towards providing growth-inducing infrastructures.

I understand this stylized approach means some neglects in other areas, however my opinion is based on the system of government we practice in Nigeria, wherein there is a lack of autonomy and total collapse of the LGAs, which inhibit their capacity to function independently and competitively. So, we the state Administrators in control and for a significant mark to be recorded in Abia, Aba needs that attention.

The model worked for Lagos under Tinubu. He concentrated mostly on the island. This helped in promoting businesses in the area and increasing the revenue of the state, which obviously is used in other areas right now.

This model of a single city development may not work in Anambra due to the existence of more than one developed area.
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